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Professional Development Topics List

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Course Code Name Description Presenter Fee
2023-09-22 12:00 60 TWC-092223 Therapeutic Goals and Initial Therapeutic Plan Setting goals for therapy, conceptualizing cases, and writing a plan for therapy are integral parts of our work as therapists. Lisa Oppitz $ 35.00
2023-09-29 12:00 60 TWC_092923 Change Strategies in Therapy You will learn about: understanding change & therapy, considering the client's individual theory of change, their readiness for change & the different stages of change they may encounter, the therapist's helping style & the therapeutic strategies map Bassma Younan $ 35.00
2023-10-06 12:00 60 TWC-100623 Trauma Informed Therapy Being trauma-informed in the field of psychotherapy is increasingly non-negotiable. This module is an introductory exploration of the prevalence and impact of individual, family, and systemic trauma. Lisa Oppitz $ 35.00
2023-10-13 12:00 60 TWC-101323 Risk Assessment Assessing for risks is a crucial therapeutic intervention that may mean the difference between life and death and can determine the immediate and long-term direction of therapy. Wilma Nevers $ 35.00
2023-10-20 12:00 60 TWC-102023 ADHD Common ADHD presentations through the lifespan; Typical treatments for ADHD; Debunking myths about ADHD and its treatment. Janet Song $ 35.00
2023-10-27 12:00 60 TWC-102723 Clinical Records Clinical records are documented evidence of the therapeutic relationship. Your clinical records can become legal documents, your clients’ progress records, etc. How and when they are done are key factors. Wilma Nevers $ 35.00
2023-11-03 09:00 290 TWC-0113&423 Skills Lab I - Seminar 1 - Introduction to CRPO Standards of Practice Introduction to the practice and jurisprudence, risk assessment, duty to report, informed consent $ 100.00
2023-11-03 13:00 60 TWC-110323 Boundaries in Psychotherapy Participants will learn about: Characteristics of professional boundaries, situations where boundaries can become blurry, how to examine potential boundary issues, dealing with demanding clients, and some steps to set up professional boundaries.  Bassma Younan $ 35.00
2023-11-10 12:00 60 TWC-111023 Person of the Therapist This webinar presents an overview of the central role the person of the therapist plays in the therapeutic relationship and endeavours. Kern Stanberry $ 35.00
2023-11-17 12:00 60 TWC-111723 CBT for OCD in Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Conceptualize how to apply CBT to complex OCD presentations in transitional age youth population and identify strategies to address family accommodation and poor insight in OCD youth populations. Karen Wang $ 35.00
2023-11-24 12:00 60 TWC-112423 Overview of DBT An introduction to what DBT entails and how it may be used depending on the context of the therapy setting, such as where consultation teams may or may not be put in place; and develop ways to better engage with your client with this model. Daniela Ng $ 35.00
2023-12-01 12:00 60 TWC-120123 Overview of CBT Participants will learn about the basics of CBT, what are the practical tools that are effective towards a range of problems including depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and other mental illness. Winnie Lai $ 35.00
2023-12-08 12:00 60 TWC-120823 Suicidal Safety Plan Explore how to better understand what is behind suicidal thoughts and behaviours and how to assess the risk and plan for safety. Daniela Ng $ 35.00
2023-12-15 12:00 60 TWC-121523 Creating Safe Space - Cultural Sensitivity This presentation will provide participants to have a discussion around being culturally sensitive in working with clients. It includes going over terminology, understanding social location, and therapists' role in dismantling systemic racism. Melissa Johari $ 35.00
2024-01-12 12:00 60 TWC-011224 Self-Disclosure in Psychotherapy This webinar will explore the contemporary multi-dimensional scope and implications of self-disclosure in psychotherapy. Participants will gain insights into critical ways that self-disclosure can be safely and intentionally used. Kern Stanberry $ 35.00
2024-01-19 12:00 60 TWC-011924 Ending Therapy Participants will learn when to initiate the conversation and how to do the closures WELL. We will also include discussion on scope of practice/competency/referrals and CRPO’s requirement on this part. Winnie Lai $ 35.00
2024-01-26 09:00 290 TWC-0126&2724 Skills Lab II - Seminar 2 - Introduction to CRPO Standards of Practice Competency Profile, Online therapy training, Suicidality & Safety Plan, Legal & Ethical Issues, Supervision Requirements Multiple Presenters $ 100.00
2024-01-26 12:00 60 TWC-012624 Grief and Loss Explore different types of grief and loss and the process behind this and what may be helpful and unhelpful in the therapy process. Daniela Ng $ 35.00
2024-02-02 12:00 60 TWC-020224 Money Matters How much should you charge for therapy and should you even charge? What does the client fee represent to you and to your client? How does your culture, faith perspective, personal financial needs, etc., intersect with your therapy fees? Wilma Nevers $ 35.00
2024-02-09 12:00 60 TWC-020924 Ethical Dilemmas - Working With Couples & Families Working with couples and families is more than working with two or more individuals. It requires a systems approach. Ethical issues may arise at many different points in the work as therapist addresses issues. Wilma Nevers $ 35.00
2024-02-16 12:00 60 TWC-021624 Overview of Gottman 7 Principles Learn about world-renowned Couple Researcher, John Gottman’s, 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work. Whether you are working with couples or individuals who are dealing with relational issues, this workshop will be helpful. Melissa Johari $ 35.00
2024-02-23 12:00 60 TWC-022324 Integration of Faith and Psychotherapy This presentation will provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on their understanding of spirituality, its relevance to the psychotherapist and the practice of psychotherapy, and the ethical issues related to this topic. Natalie Yoo $ 35.00
2024-03-08 12:00 60 TWC-030124 Duty to Report Participants will learn about what they are required to report, what are the exceptions, who they are protecting, when and how to report. Winnie Lai $ 35.00
2024-03-22 12:00 60 TWC-032224 Addiction Addiction impacts all of us and during this webinar we will look at causal factors for addiction, the impact of addiction on our brains and specific modalities that can be helpful in supporting someone in their addiction journey. Grace Van Ankum $ 35.00